Α. Baptism
3 - 20
Modern favors for wedding and Christening (baptism) made by porcelain, ceramic, glassaware, candles, diffusers, moneybanks
21 - 91
UV Printed Plexiglass with LED stand. Metal,wooden and plexiglass charms on pebble, pumpkin, wooden truck, wooden, on plexiglass . Bottles and jar plain or decorated. Materials for decorations
92 - 95
UV print on marble and wooden box
Wooden favors
UV Printed favors and deratives made by plexiglass
UV printed wooden, painted wooden,plain wooden, Favoys made by wood,by metal. Wooden windmills,Carrousels,Nautical favors, boats
Plastic,Polyresin,Ceramic,Metal and Glassware favors. Magnets, Photoframes,Moneybanks, Plush toys, Maskes, Vintage favors
Ceramic favors, ceramic favors with tube. Ceramic boats, pommegranate. Christening icons
Paper boes, Fildisi boxes,boxes with decoupage
Favors made by fabric. Fabric pillows,hearts,butteflies,Stars,flags.
Fabric boats and other fabric designs.Favors made by cork fabric,Printed fabrics (like chevron,star,dot printings),Linen fabric,Gauze fabric,Organa fabric.Gift bags
Wedding favors. Fabric favors made by cork fabric,Gauze fabric,Burlap fabric, Lace fabric, Net, Organza fabric,Satin fabric. Flowers fabric favors. Tulles and facric cut in pieces to create favors. Gift bags.
Fabrics (by roll or runner),Cut fabrics for wedding and baptism,Tulles
Ribbons (many materials like cork,Burlap,Satin,Organza, Printed, Gross etc..) Laces, Burlap ribbons and cords, Satin or Cotton cords
Boxes and books used as Guest books, Rings for decorations,Beacons, Birth gifts, Wedding gloves
LED bases with plexiglass stands, Wooden stands,plexiglass stands
Decotives for wedding and baptism. Fabric decoratives. Plexiglass,butterflies,Pins,Brooches,Nipples,Magnets,Fildisi,Shells and stars,Flowers,Faux bijoux,Tassels,Beads,Lucky eys,Buttons, fabric balls for decoration
Metal on keychain for decorations and favors
Metal charms,Metal elements
Flowers,Pot pourri,sequins, Glitter
Candles and waxes
Baby socks decoratedΚαλτσάκια στολισμένα
Baptism baby shoes Υποδήματα Βαπτιστικά
Ladopana (Oil cloth), Aprons,Decorations for baptistry
Decorated bottles for oil
Fabrics for candle decorations.Bows
Paper and wooden boxes for clothes, Luggages,Metal baskets,Boxes for guest wish, Cupcake stands
Stefana (wedding crowns) Crown boxes, Decanters,Glasses,Metal Trays,Decorated trays
Candles for weddings,Metal stand for weddings
Metal stands for decorations. Table metal stand. Floor level metal stands. Metal stands for candy bar. Bamboo and rattan baskets.
E. Seasonal (Easter - Christmas)
Easter decorated candles. Bags and boxes for Easter candles. Decoupage made eater candles. Scented candles. Wooden and plexiglass stands for candles. Wooden and Plexiglass easter decoratives.
Christmas Decoratives.Christmas Lucky charms (goyria). Christmas Chargms.
Martakia (March 1st lucky jewellery)
Fabric bags, Fabric bottle bags, Paper bags and stickers. Tapes. Empty cartons
PVC Boxes